Luxy: The # 1 Dating App for rich & irresistible Singles

The 411: From CEOs and millionaires, to Hollywood famous people and doctors, Luxy could be the just dating app that entirely serves the one percent, providing gorgeous and effective folks together.

With 50-hour work weeks and constant traveling, rich and accomplished individuals scarcely have enough time and energy to consume, aside from dig through many dating profiles to find a similar match.

To satisfy someone that pertains to their unique lifestyles, needed a thing that’s simple and caters to their particular requirements, and that is what Luxy does.

Comprising business owners, investors, charm queens, fitness designs, expert professional athletes, lawyers plus, Luxy could be the go-to online dating application when you are trying connect with successful and attractive people like yourself.

“we wished to generate an application that guarantees real people, profiles and pro
personalities,” stated Tim, Luxy’s President.

A quality product that makes it possible to meet high quality people

Unlike cookie-cutter internet dating sites that seem to pop up every week, Luxy genuinely stands apart where it offers numerous techniques so that you can meet the right person on an area, national and international degree.

Besides being able to swipe through pages and talk to additional consumers, Luxy features a Topics and minutes feature that will help you contact much more bisexual singles whom you haven’t been matched with but, letting you discuss any such thing from vacation journeys to business programs.

The Luxy web log also incorporates details about casting options, market development and offers which can be specifically for rich people.

“we’ve got revisions in the future which will offer much more possibilities. Luxy offers customers the maximum possibility to relate with other people, rendering it various,” Tim stated.

Since Luxy is the only internet dating software that’s dedicated to singles within the 1 percent, the signup process must be reliable.

To become a member, you ought to be accepted either by verifying your earnings or becoming voted in by consumers of this opposite gender which deem you as attractive.

Not simply performs this selective system make certain this site features high-caliber individuals, but it addittionally helps to ensure that the profiles are since authentic as possible.

“it really is vital that Luxy insures high quality on all of our application, not volume, and checking income permits us to do that,” he stated.

Finding the equal

If you’re a well-off and good-looking person who’s wanting your own spouse, there is better relationship app for you to use than Luxy.

Plus Luxy is such much more than just a matchmaking software.

The hardworking staff behind the business understands their own customers are extremely active, so that they developed a product that suits that lifestyle, saving all of them a lot of time and guaranteeing they will not get a hold of merely any individual on the site.

Even controversy cannot deliver Luxy down, along with thousands of people from across the world using the application, you can see there’s a top need for it.

“Luxy makes it easier your elite 1 percent to hook up to those exactly like them. Our users don’t have for you personally to speak with everybody, so when they join Luxy, they are aware these are generally obtaining high quality matches,” Tim said.

To learn more about Luxy, visit

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